About Us

PREWA The company was founded in 1987 by MSc. Zbigniew Pręgowski graduate and long-term scientific worker of the Institute of Construction – the Department of Precision Engineering Warsaw University of Technology. Since its founding to today, Zbigniew Pręgowski constructed and implemented for the production of hundreds of devices that operate reliably in industrial plants throughout the country.


The company specializes in PREWA are labelers, date hotstampingowe cabinets, counters and rewinding of labels, manual and automatic dating to the labels, blister packs, plastic bags and cartons and equipment made to individual order as required by the client.


The company PREWA BIS was founded in 1998 and works closely with PREWA. The company operates retail and service production. It offers equipment and supplies as well as creates new development construction. We invite you to watch our website and get in touch with us.