Hotstamping handprinter ST series

Printer ST series using hot stamping method applied permanent and indelible overprint e.g. expiration date and serial number. Device is dedicated to flat-folded cartons, plastic bags, labels, even when printing is required on the package edge. Optionally, printer is equipped with an external trigger pedal.


  • Electric power: power supply 230VAC / 24VDC
  • Air supply: 0.4 to 0.8 MPa
  • Dimensions: length / width / height 212 [mm] 230 [mm], 240 [mm]
  • Efficiency: up to 5400 impact per hour.
  • Printer weight: 3000 [g]

Hotstamping printer GT design to installation in production lines

Printer dedicated to installation in packaging machines, which working in start-stop conditions. Device prints thermally on the packages up to three rows of 8 characters (paper, plastic sleeve, flat-folded cartons). Printer is fixed on the tripod, which is designed for  individual customer requirements.


  • Printing head dimensions: lenght / width / height 175 [mm] 57 [mm] 84 [mm]
  • Printing time: approx. 0.2 [sec]
  • Weight: 650 [g].
  • Efficiency: up to 5400 impact per hour

Hotstamping handprinter STP series

Handprinter is suitable for large sizes packages. Device press using hot characters pigment from the pigment follies into flat object, which are manually located under printing head i.e. ,cartons, labels, packages – also foiled packages and packages coated with UV varnish. Printing machine could print one, two optionally three rows of numbers up to 10 digits.